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Dust Off Your Display and Get Ready for the Show

Posted by admin | Posted in Trade Show Marketing | Posted on 05-07-2011

Attending a trade show and setting up a display that shows off your business’s products and services can generate interest for your company and increase sales. To take full advantage of your next trade show opportunity, dust of your display and get ready for the show.

Your display reflects on your business, so make sure it represents your business accurately by keeping it well-maintained and updating it as needed. Your booth should stand out among the other trade show booths, clearly advertising your business. Consider whether your booth is a stand-out and do what you can to keep it that way or pump up its appeal. Adding banner stands or pop up trade show displays to your booth can help you promote select products or services and add volume to your trade show presentation. Trade show flooring for your area can get potential clients stepping your way, so keep yours in top shape and replace when it starts to look worn.

Although you may reuse your trade show booth, stands and trade show flooring for multiple trade shows, consider refurbishing your exhibit display in some way for each event. It could be as simple as adding updated trade show graphics or you can choose to add accessories such as lighting, literature racks and more. Adding new excitement to each trade show exhibit is especially crucial if you are networking with a tight-knit group of professionals or addressing the same client base in different venues.

Is a Display Rental worth it?

Posted by admin | Posted in Exhibit Rentals | Posted on 19-09-2009

Trade shows have become a mainstream way for businesses, small and large, to market their company and their products to both the general public and other companies. Naturally all exhibitors want to have the best looking trade show booth that they can and one way to successfully do this is through the use trade show exhibit rentals. By utilizing trade show display rentals an exhibitor can get the newest technology and a top of the line display for a fraction of the cost of purchasing one. It makes a much bigger impression when the trade show booth has a state of the art pop up display or perhaps one of the more modern modular displays that incorporates stretched fabric and it also makes a stronger visual impression.

Custom trade show exhibits along with rentals come in all different sizes and shapes making it easy for the business owner or trade exhibitor to stay within their budget and still get a high quality display booth. When thinking about whether to rent or not to rent remember that using an exhibit rental has other benefits associated with it such as lower costs on the booth, shipping, setup and dismantle. A good rental company will offer inclusive packages that are designed to eliminate the headaches associated with the display side of exhibiting. So when attending your next show weigh your costs and you might see that renting is right for you.

Save Money By Bundling Together

Posted by admin | Posted in Table Top Display Packages | Posted on 07-07-2009

In a tough economy business should try to save money whenever possible. When it comes to trade show marketing the return on your investment or better known as ROI is the true telling point of success. The best way to achieve a good return on your investment through trade show marketing is to limit your expenses while gaining valuable leads. A good way to save is to purchase your trade show display products in a bundle instead of individually. Yes you can bundle your cable, telephone, and internet together; why not package marketing displays materials together.

A good way to save is to purchase all of your trade show marketing display materials from one place. A lot of the trade show display companies offer packages that are bundled together. With these packages you probably save roughly 10% across the board. Think about is it better to purchase individual items at full price or save with a packaged deal. If the company you buy your display materials doesn’t offer packaged deals ask. Not only will you be saving but it’s also in the display company’s best interest to give you deal and push their inventory out the door.

For instance if your in the market for table top display why not package all the necessary accessories that will help standout at your next show. Some of the packed deals that I have seen include the table top display, trade show table, table throw, and a literature rack. You’re going to purchase these items at one time or another anyways why not bundle them and save. Remember low marketing expenses and high return will set you up for future success.

Trade Show Displays

Posted by admin | Posted in trade show displays | Posted on 25-04-2009

As a businessperson you need to know the most effective events and channels for reaching out to your customers if you want to grow your business and develop a large customer base. This channel will vary from business to business and so you will need to understand the landscape of your business well to know where you should be targeting the bulk of your marketing efforts. In many industries the place where you will be able to reach out to the most customers and the place where you will have the maximum impact with your marketing efforts is at a trade show. Given this you should put significant effort into preparing for the trade show and into planning any potential product or service offerings to release during this show for maximum effect. You will carefully want to think through who you will staff your trade show booth with and most importantly you will need to design trade show displays that attract customers and partners to your area to give you the chance to deliver your pitch. There will be a lot of competition for attention at these shows and so your marketing efforts will have to be well aligned for maximum effect with coordination in before, during, and after trade show efforts.

If you have the zeal, start a business

Posted by admin | Posted in Starting A Business | Posted on 23-03-2009

If your entrepreneurial type of person and are risk adverse, starting a starting a business would be a great idea for you. But before starting any business you need to do your homework and acquire information on the particular field that you plan to launch your business in. Not to mention you should have great understanding of general business rules and principles, without this your business will surely fail.  Make a list for everything will need to get started, check it off and get the ball rolling.

So the first thing before starting a business is to see that apart from passion do you have the skill set too? Because passion without skill will give you negative result. The next thing that is important is that do you have the customers ready? This means that you must find out whether your business is going to flourish in that area or not and that is possible only when there is ready market for your product. It will take a lot more work, energy, and resources, to create a market or a need for your product.

In the end you need to realize that starting a business is tough work, lots of hours and hard decisions lay ahead. But with passion, proper planning and the right location you will definitely be headed in the right direction.

The last but not the least is patience, which you would require a lot because you are starting a new business and to establish it will take some time. In the meantime advertising and marketing are also very important in the successful running of any business. In addition you must concentrate on your quality also. Apart from all these you must polish your skill by attending classes or courses so that you get knowledge about what is the latest trend going on in the business you have planned to start. This is important in this fast growing world so that you stay tuned and updated.

Trade Show Marketing Tips & Avoiding Pitfalls

Posted by admin | Posted in Exhibit Design, Trade Show Marketing | Posted on 05-03-2009

Exhibiting can be a rather tough task especially for first time exhibitors. Provided below are some tips and pitfalls to avoid while exhibiting.

Proper Display
The proper display is dependent on a couple of variables. Such as booth space, budget, and the type of show you are attending. There is variety of trade show displays within the convention market. However, the trick is choosing the one the boost suits your company’s needs and budget. Show type and regulations sometimes dedicate the trade show booth you can use. A lot of the smaller or hotel shows exhibitors primarily use table top displays or pop up trade show displays. The bigger shows have variety ranging from table top to full custom exhibits. The best thing to do is call the association and gather information on booth types used at the show. Other then that the booth type should be dependent on fitting company needs and style preferences.

Trade Show Marketing
General marketing should not be used within the trade show industry. Exhibiting at shows can require a large investment and a return is paramount on knowing and understanding the shows audience. You should educate yourself on perspective attendees, and be prepared to show case and pitch your company towards any booth visitors.

Keep Your Pitch Short And Sweet
When exhibiting you want your message or sales pitch to be short and sweet. The goal is inform the show attendees of your products and services. Too much information will be overkill and probably forgotten. Not to mention most booth visitors will start to loose interest if they cannot easily find the answers they are looking for.

Trade Shows Are Not Vacations
One of the biggest mistakes that I see in the exhibit industry is exhibitors will treat trade show marketing as a vacation opportunity. Bottom line is exhibiting is not a vacation in fact you attend shows to help drum up future business and meet with perspective clientele. Nothing can be worse then visiting a trade show booth that managed by unprepared workers.

Designed To Sell: Trade Show Marketing

Posted by admin | Posted in Exhibit Design | Posted on 30-01-2009

Well planned trade show exhibit that is designed properly can bring in attendees who will later become long term clients while the results would be vice versa if the exhibit design wasn’t up to par.

A properly designed booth will be employed with trade show graphics that will showcase your products and services. The graphics should communicate to the audience what your company does. In addition the company literature should be properly distributed throughout the booth making it accessible to show attendees. Not mention graphics and literature are great for branding and long term retention.

Finding or creating a design for booth can be a complicated process not to mention the booth needs to follow show regulations. The exhibit design needs to be suitable for your booth space, location, and fit within the theme of products and services you are offering. If you are in the market for a trade show display I would advocate hiring a pro which has been in the exhibit industry for awhile.

Why not hire an exhibit company that handles the job process from the exhibit design concept through the construction process of the trade show booth. This way you ensure that the booth production follows the approved design. By doing this you are eliminating the guess work between the design construction phases.

To learn more about exhibit design you can visit Exhibe Corporation they are a full service exhibit company with over 25 years of experience in creating award wining trade show exhibits.

Trade Show Marketing: It Takes Money to Make Money

Posted by admin | Posted in Trade Show Marketing | Posted on 16-01-2009

Trade Shows are a great market venue for new or established companies to promote their products and services towards specific target audience. Not menu venues allow for face to face interaction with your targeted audience. Its not say that trade shows don’t have their downfalls. Attending a trade show can be lucrative for your company and present opportunities to gather new leads and drum up new business. Although we shall not forget that there are costs associated to exhibiting and I refer to the old cliché quote “It takes money to make money”.

In my opinion you have two options when it comes to exhibiting, either educates your self on trade show exhibit types, show services, shipping, and drayage or you can simply hire an experienced trade show display company. They will be able to handle all of these services while saving monetary and time resource expenses throughout the exhibiting process.

To learn more about trade show marketing and the types of display booths visit Exhibe Corporation at www.exhibe.com. They are a full service trade show displays company with over 25 years of experience in creating display environments that captivate, motivate and impress your shows audience.

Banner Stands and Their Types

Posted by admin | Posted in Banner Stand Types | Posted on 17-12-2008

Banner stands today have become one of the go to displays for use at trade shows and promotional events. Whether it be, the largest trade show on the planet or a small business fair you are sure to see banner stands used throughout these events. Over the years banner stands have evolved into versatile displays that marketers have come to adore.

Banner stand manufacturers have found ways to diversify their products and have introduced many styles and added improvements to the banner stand market. There many versions of the banner stand, but they are produced from a core base that includes retractable banner stands, roll up banner stands, trade show banner stands, and outdoor banner stands. Provided below is additional information about traditional banner stand styles found in the market.

Retractable Banner Stands
These banner stands are famous amongst various exhibitors for their portability feature. Graphics when not in used can be rolled thus protecting the graphics and its material from various problems.

Roll up Banner Stands
As the name indicates roll-up banner stands can be rolled up just like retractable banner stands but with an added advantage. Only the graphical banner is available in the front while no other metal support is visible thus giving it a cleaner look.

Outdoor Banner Stands
There banner stands are used to promote your product or organization even outside the boundaries of the trade show. These displays are weighted and built to with stand harsher elements.

Best of Both Worlds a Portable Display

Posted by admin | Posted in Portable Trade Show Displays | Posted on 03-12-2008

Portable displays are great marketing tools and offer the flexibility of being portable but have ample space to market your products and or services. More then likely a portable booth is not going to wow show visitors but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be used. These displays offer a building block to create your booth space from. In addition there are changes or different variations of the booth that can be utilized to customize the trade show display. This will help ensure that the portable trade show display stands out amongst the crowd.

Not only are these booths great building blocks, but also allow for exhibitors to market through trade shows without breaking the bank. I feel that portable booths have gotten somewhat of bad rap over the years, but newer improved versions of the pop up displays are taking hold of the market. These displays are constructed with better materials and many come with a lifetime warranty on the frame. So when in the market buy a booth make sure to do your homework. No need to over spend, I recommend doing cost comparisons but make sure your comparing apples to apples not apples to oranges.

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