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247 · Cease Loss Looking and Dancing with the Good Cash in Foreign exchange Buying and selling w/ Djamal Adib

It’s about time we’ve got a dialogue on Foreign exchange Buying and selling, however this isn’t your common Foreign exchange Buying and selling dialogue.

Some Foreign exchange merchants could also be unaware of how cease loss searching and market manipulation is finished by the sensible cash. Like many Foreign exchange merchants, ex-stockbroker Djamal Adib skilled early losses which compelled him to check the interior workings of Foreign currency trading, and the way cease loss orders are hunted by the sensible cash.

Djamal spent 4 years pouring over hundreds of charts patterns of various time durations and programmed his fastidiously again examined algorithms leading to him successful a global Foreign exchange competitors.

Djamal shares his enthusiasm and far knowledge of the alternatives and risks of buying and selling Foreign exchange and why you want an edge.

Matters & Timestamps:

  • 00:00 Background and early expertise
  • 01:52 Why he switched to commerce Foreign exchange
  • 03:03 Alternatives and benefits of Foreign exchange
  • 04:37 Why no hedge funds are devoted to Foreign exchange & Risks abound
  • 10:00 Experiences creating Foreign currency trading agency & research
  • 13:10 Cease searching and programming a buying and selling algorithm
  • 16:46 Received a global Foreign exchange competitors utilizing his 8 totally different bot methods
  • 20:29 Features of Foreign exchange most difficult to ignorant merchants
  • 23:30 Want a confirmed edge subsequent to self-discipline
  • 24:53 Examined commercially obtainable program buying and selling and issues with them
  • 31:18 Variations between dumb and sensible cash and the way they every commerce
  • 40:50 Why arduous stops are at all times needed, even when risking getting hunted
  • 42:46 Darkish swimming pools and sensible cash cartels
  • 47:10 Can we see the place the cease losses are positioned and their sizes?
  • 47:40 Why cease ranges aren’t the dominant issue. Pre major run countermoves
  • 52:25 What he appears for to enter and exit from trades
  • 1:00:25 Authorities intervention and supporting/suppressing currencies
  • 1:04:45 Recommendation to Foreign exchange merchants
  • 1:08:55 How one can get in contact with Djamal


Buying and selling within the monetary markets includes a threat of loss. Podcast episodes and different content material produced by Chat With Merchants are for informational or instructional functions solely and don’t represent buying and selling or funding suggestions or recommendation.

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