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John Locke’s M3.4u Choices Technique: Knowledgeable Ideas

The M3.4u choices technique is a barely bullish bias revenue producing technique utilizing the broken-wing butterfly.

Its creator John Locke says it’s one among his favourite trades.

Apparently, it’s his viewer’s favourite as nicely.

As a result of this technique simply gained the viewer alternative “Successful Commerce of the Yr” award two years in a row for 2021 and 2022.


In episode 98 of his “Successful Commerce” YouTube movies, we see that his viewers just like the M3.4u over his different contending methods, such because the M3, the ROCK, the X4v22, the Bearish Butterfly, and the Dynamic Bear Commerce.

They favored the technique’s consistency of wins whereas nonetheless holding respectable (though not the very best) returns.

You may get a way of its dependability (which is why this commerce is nicknamed “the Reliable M3.4u”) by seeing the paper buying and selling outcomes spreadsheet in one among his movies:

January 2020: 2.6%

February 2020: 9.3%

March 2020: -8.6%

April 2020: -12.4%

Might 2020: 8.8%

June 2020: 6.9%

July 2020: 16.9%

August 2020: 18.5%

September 2020: 13.6%

October 2020: 9.4%

November 2020: 8.1%

December 2020: 2.0%

January 2021: 4.3%

February 2021: 4.1%

March 2021: 12.7%

April 2021: 19.5%

These percentages are based mostly on returns on a deliberate capital of $5000.

The disclaimer on the spreadsheet says:

“This web page represents the outcomes from the “real-time” simulated positions of the “base degree rule-based model” of the M3.4u commerce as outlined within the “rule-based portion” of the M3.4u Program. These outcomes are shared for example for instructional functions ONLY, it doesn’t suggest that the knowledge acknowledged is correct nor that it’s potential. Trades are “real-time” simulated trades. Simulated trades are believed to be represented as precisely as potential; nevertheless, reside outcomes might have been completely different.”

Nonetheless, the paper outcomes confirmed that it had a twelve-month successful streak after the 2 months of losses through the Coronavirus interval of 2020.

I took out my calculator (umm, my spreadsheet) and averaged the odds of these 16 months.

And it averaged 7.2% a month.

Nonetheless, in case you take a look at the value chart of RUT, these months had been largely bullish months, and this can be a barely bullish-biased technique.

I wish to understand how it could do in a bearish yr like 2022.

Whilst you can purchase his course on the M3.4u, he doesn’t preserve the principles an enormous secret.

And I don’t assume he minds if you understand the principles of the technique.

When you watch all his Episodes 96, 91, 88, 79, 67, 64, 54, 42, 37, 29, 17, and 04, on his public YouTube movies, it is possible for you to to piece collectively the total rule set for the M3.4u technique.

The foundations are comparatively easy and non-subjective in comparison with different methods.

There may be not a lot room for dealer choices on this technique (besides maybe close to expiration deciding whether or not to exit or let expire).

The commerce begins with a two-lot broken-wing butterfly on the RUT index with the quick strikes 20 factors beneath the present value.

The higher wing is 40 factors extensive, and the decrease wing is 60 factors extensive.

The delta limits ought to be between -3 delta to +4 delta for the two-lot place.

If the preliminary butterfly place shouldn’t be inside delta limits, you could change the higher wing to 50 factors extensive and examine once more.

Just lately, the volatility of the RUT (which might be tracked by the RVX index) is such that this 50/60 wider butterfly wanted for use.

Here’s a typical instance butterfly that might be initiated on December 23, 2022, for the February 17, 2023 expiration that’s precisely 56 days away.

M3.4u options strategy

supply: OptionNet Explorer

The utmost theoretical danger on the commerce is barely above $2500.

The commerce is checked as soon as a day.

If the delta limits are exceeded, the lengthy higher leg is moved up or down one or two strikes to get the delta again in line.

As you make this variation, the utmost danger of the commerce adjustments.

If the capital in danger exceeds $4000, roll the decrease leg till the max danger is lower than $4000.

This adjustment additionally has the impact of eradicating capital from the commerce.

If the value is above the lengthy higher strike, the delta limits change from 0 to +4. In different phrases, we don’t need any unfavourable delta outdoors of the tent on the upside.

If there may be, performing a reverse Harvey adjustment will normally carry it again in line.

If at any level you find yourself with a symmetrical butterfly and delta usually are not inside limits, you must roll your entire place down and configure it as beginning place.

At any level, if the P&L loss is larger than $500 (which is 10% of deliberate capital), you exit the commerce.

In any other case, run the commerce to expiration or very near expiration.

There is no such thing as a specific revenue goal. We take regardless of the market can provide us.

Why is the commerce named M3.4u?

It’s as a result of it was based mostly on John Locke’s M3 delta-neutral butterfly technique.

The “4u” is the actual model or variation offshoot of that technique.

Whereas the M3 had an additional name choice with the butterfly, the M3.4u doesn’t have the decision choice.

This reduces the capital necessities of the M3.4u.

The M3.4u tends to do higher than the M3 in an up-roaring market.

In distinction, the M3 does higher in uneven markets.

The M3.4u doesn’t roll the construction upward and has much less rolling general.

So it’s easier to handle than the M3.

What’s John Locke’s background?

John began as an auto mechanic after which turned a prime choices dealer on knowledgeable buying and selling desk of SMB Capital.

He discovered that he favored serving to individuals and went into the life teaching enterprise and established Locke In Your Success, LLC in 2006.

There he helps individuals in life as successful coach and in buying and selling.

Choices buying and selling is most definitely how most merchants come to know John as a result of he created many income-style buying and selling methods.

Not solely does he coach these methods, however he additionally coaches buying and selling psychology.

As a result of apparently, he holds certifications within the psychological areas of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and hypnosis, together with Ericksonian Hypnotherapy.

What’s the distinction between the return on deliberate capital and the return on danger?

Deliberate capital is the sum of money put aside for the commerce to account for margin adjustments and have money out there to make the adjustment.

The commerce sometimes has a max danger of round $2500 per commerce.

However $5000 of deliberate capital is positioned apart.

As changes are made to the commerce, the utmost margin required adjustments.

The utmost margin required in a commerce is the utmost danger of the commerce or the utmost capital in danger.

Since not all commerce makes use of your entire deliberate capital, the return on deliberate capital is a extra conservative calculation.

The return percentages can be larger in case you computed based mostly on returns on the utmost margin used.

The return on deliberate capital is extra true to what a portfolio would return, whereas the return on max danger is what a specific commerce may return.

How is the M3.4u completely different from the A14 Weekly Choices technique?

Whereas on the floor, the M3.4u seems to be like Amy Meissner’s A14 butterfly technique.

They don’t seem to be the identical.

The 2 methods are each non-directional broken-wing butterflies with 40 factors higher wings and 60 factors decrease wings.

These usually are not equally sized butterflies.

It’s because the M3.4u is traded on the RUT, and the A14 is traded on the SPX, which is about twice as huge because the RUT.

Relative to the scale of its underlying index, the A14 is a a lot narrower butterfly.

This is smart as a result of the A14 begins with 14 days to expiration, whereas the M3.4u begins at 56 days to expiration.

The vary of value motion in 56 is bigger than that of 14 days; therefore, a wider M3.4u butterfly is required.

The A14 by no means holds to expiration.

The M3.4u is meant to carry to expiration.

The A14 provides buildings and time spreads.

The M3.4u by no means provides construction and by no means has time spreads.

Nope, they don’t seem to be the identical and don’t commerce the identical.

However apparently, each John and Amy examine their technique as soon as a day (normally close to market shut).

It’s as in the event that they deliberately don’t wish to take a look at the commerce throughout intraday swings.

Is the M3.4u best for you?

Don’t know.

I don’t know your buying and selling type.

I like to recommend operating a handbook backtest of the technique utilizing software program with historic pricing knowledge (akin to OptionNet Explorer).

You’ll get a really feel for the principles and in case you like buying and selling this type even in case you do prefer it.

It’s good to carry out this backtest with your personal fingers and to see the outcomes with your personal eyes.

That is one of the best ways to realize confidence within the guidelines of a rule-based technique.

As a result of in case you don’t have full confidence within the guidelines, you may override the principles and therefore not get the identical outcomes.

For instance, you may see an enormous purple candle and abort the commerce, locking in a loss when the principles didn’t inform you to get out.

Otherwise you may take a smaller revenue (which might not be sufficient to cowl your losses) to keep away from a information occasion, and so on.

Make it a rule to backtest any new technique earlier than deploying it reside.

This is perhaps a great rule.

We hope you loved this text on the m3.4u choices technique.

When you’ve got any questions, please ship an e mail or go away a remark beneath.

Commerce protected!

Disclaimer: The data above is for instructional functions solely and shouldn’t be handled as funding recommendation. The technique introduced wouldn’t be appropriate for traders who usually are not aware of change traded choices. Any readers on this technique ought to do their very own analysis and search recommendation from a licensed monetary adviser.


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