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Why Do INFJs Have These 9 EXTREMELY Bizarre Habits

Of the 16 Myers-Briggs persona varieties, INFJ is among the many rarest, making up an estimated 1-3% of individuals. This distinctive persona kind bears a set of seeming contradictions – they’re non-public extroverts, inventive scientists, and considerate dreamers. INFJs possess unbelievable empathy, perception, and integrity. However their advanced disposition additionally leads many INFJs to have habits and tendencies thought-about considerably odd.

On the floor, an INFJ staring into area for minutes, spending weekends researching obscure matters, accumulating odd trinkets, writing excessively detailed texts, or obsessively planning mundane actions could seem eccentric. Nevertheless, these quirky habits serve important functions for the bizarre INFJ psyche. The habits assist them course of feelings, stimulate creativity, and replicate the nuances of their internal world.

On this publish, we’ll look inside at 9 of the most typical but undeniably bizarre tendencies shared by many INFJs. We’ll discover how habits like speaking to themselves, having intense, unbreaking stares, accumulating distinctive objects, avoiding small discuss, delaying calls, fantasizing, researching specialised pursuits, writing at size, and overplanning assist the INFJ persona thrive.

Whereas these habits could draw some confused seems to be from non-INFJ persona varieties, they permit the INFJ to faucet into their items of instinct, perception, and creativeness. By exploring the considering behind their odd behaviors, each INFJs and non-INFJs can achieve appreciation for these uncommon qualities. Weirdness, when embraced, could be a actual power.

1. Speaking to Themselves

INFJs are deep, reflective thinkers with wealthy internal dialogues. To assist course of their racing ideas, INFJs typically discuss aloud to themselves. Having a dialog with oneself permits INFJs to work by advanced feelings, analyze concepts, and problem-solve. Listening to ideas vocalized helps arrange them. Talking out loud additionally supplies reassurance of their voice.

For instance, Elaine thinks by her turbulent feelings by verbalizing them alone in her room. Listening to herself say she feels overwhelmed by grief helps her determine and settle for the sensation. Speaking by why she feels depressed guides her to deal with the basis points.

2. Intense Unbreaking Stares

One signature INFJ behavior is their highly effective, transfixing gaze generally known as the “INFJ stare.” When concentrating, INFJs can zone out and stare intensely with out consciousness. Their piercing gazes replicate their centered curiosity, depth, and perception. The INFJ stare could really feel uncomfortably intimate for recipients not used to extended gazing.

Rising up, Mark’s tendency to stare into area was distracting at school. As an grownup, he’s realized to be extra conscious to keep away from making individuals uneasy along with his centered gazes. He channels his focus into artwork as an alternative.

3. Obsessive Analysis Into New Pursuits

As soon as an thought or space of curiosity takes maintain for an INFJ, their curiosity compels them to analysis and study all they will extensively. INFJs love diving deep into historical past, science, psychology, or the humanities. They immerse themselves in particulars, rising as subject material consultants. This degree of curiosity can baffle others.

When Aisha turns into engrossed in a subject like botany or astrophysics, she spends hours consuming on-line programs, books, and podcasts. Her random enjoyable details each entertain and overwhelm family and friends.

4. Avoiding and Delaying Cellphone Calls

Many INFJs dislike cellphone calls, discovering them jarring and invasive. They like asynchronous communication, like e-mail, which permits time to course of ideas. INFJs delay making important calls as a result of discomfort. However as soon as engaged, they get pleasure from considerate dialog.

James feels socially drained after lengthy cellphone calls. He prefers texting or emailing. When required to make requires work, he rehearses what he’ll say to handle nervousness.

5. Accumulating Odd Gadgets

INFJs have a tendency to note and acquire distinctive objects that catch their eye, no matter financial or aesthetic worth. They’re drawn to unusual trinkets that categorical creativity and that means. These eclectic collections replicate the INFJ’s non-conformity.

Mia’s cabinets show numerous objects like glass bottles, attention-grabbing rocks, postcards, and novelty mugs. Every object holds that means or inspiration solely she acknowledges. Her individualistic assemblage displays her unconventionality.

6. Getting Misplaced in Fantasy

INFJs have wealthy imaginations they absolutely immerse themselves in. Their minds envision detailed alternate realities and prospects. This immersive daydreaming helps train creativity and a need for journey. However zoning out into imaginary realms could make INFJs appear spacey.

Nick has lengthy used vivid fantasies to flee annoying actuality. At work, he doodles surreal creatures nobody else would conjure up. Colleagues as soon as thought Nick had psychological well being points for staring blankly into his creativeness throughout lunch.

7. Writing Extraordinarily Lengthy Messages

Written phrases permit INFJs to precise their ideas and feelings absolutely. INFJ emails, texts, and letters are usually prolonged and thorough. They supply wealthy context and eloquent descriptions most don’t count on. Some recipients really feel overwhelmed by their sturdy messages.

Angela’s pals know receiving a textual content from her means studying a novel. Her detailed messages depart no thought unexpressed. Buddies recognize her openness however generally really feel bombarded.

8. Obsessive Journey Planning

As perfectionists, INFJs don’t like surprises. When touring, they meticulously plan every facet to optimize time and experiences. They analysis locations extensively and plan detailed itineraries few would hassle with. Whereas their overplanning minimizes issues, companions could discover it restrictive.

Earlier than Adam’s journey to Europe, he spent weeks planning every metropolis’s transport, lodging, actions, and eating. His journey mates recognize his steering however want he scheduled extra free time for spontaneity.

9. Disinterest in Small Discuss

INFJs dislike superficial small discuss, discovering it draining. They like deep discussions about values, concepts, theories, and private progress. Makes an attempt at trivial banter depart them flat. This could trigger others to understand them as aloof or standoffish.

Social gatherings drain Alisha. When somebody approaches her with feedback in regards to the climate or different surface-level remarks, her curt responses finish conversations shortly as she seeks extra significant interactions.


On the floor, habits like obsessive staring, accumulating oddities, imaginary fantasizing, writing exhaustive texts, and overplanning could seem neurotic or weird. However a better look reveals how these quirks symbolize the INFJs’ considerate nature, highly effective focus, rejection of self-importance, and quest for creativity. Whereas their unconventional habits could increase eyebrows, they stem from the identical sensitivity and discernment that makes INFJs so understanding and insightful.

Fellow INFJs – don’t suppress your innate curiosity and contradictions to look “regular.” The qualities that make you odd are sometimes your best strengths and replicate your genuine self. Encompass your self with individuals who recognize quirkiness.

Others in search of to grasp this uncommon persona kind can achieve empathy by recognizing their uncommon habits as instruments that assist channel the INFJ’s items, not flaws to repair. In a world that praises standardization, dare to be completely different. The world wants authentic thinkers and doers unhindered by conformity. Have fun your weirdness.

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